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Electrical Engineer

ACS Professional Staffing is looking for an employee to work on-site with our client. The Electrical Engineer 2 performs quality assurance, failure analysis, and safety related testing of high voltage and high current equipment; sixty cycle voltage and current could be as high as 1100kV and 200kA respectively, as well as having the capability to apply impulse level up to 5.6MV. This position provides testing services to other groups within the broader Transmission Business Line from Transmission’s Engineering & Technical Services (TE) organization to the Field Services (TF) organization, as well as involvement with the SAFETY Office, Facilities, and others. The position works with staff on project and acquisition testing needs, as well as, with utility or other customer partners and may provide guidance on contractual test requirements to vendors. This full-time position is located in Vancouver, WA.

Because we are a federal government contractor, we have special restrictions placed on us for hiring foreign nationals into certain key positions within the company. This particular position requires U.S. citizenship.

ACS Professional Staffing will provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants without regard to applicant’s race, color, religion, sex, gender, genetic information, national origin, age, veteran status, disability status, or any other status protected by federal or state law.  The company will provide reasonable accommodations to allow an applicant to participate in the hiring process if so requested.

  • Design, document, recommend and execute test plans through the application of diversified knowledge of complex electrical engineering principles and practices to achieve stated objectives.
  • Provide subject matter expertise, explanations, and leadership in clearly defining test objectives through technical discussion with stakeholders, which may include internal or external contacts.
  • Provide creative instrumentations to achieve stated objectives, validating that technical tradeoffs have been considered, decisions conform to and or compliant with existing policies, standards and regulations and are within safety, time, and budgetary constraints.
  • Prepare detailed laboratory reports on test results for the distributions to customers, stakeholders, universities, and technical communities.
  • Grid (integrity tests & riser repair)
  • Bucket truck tests
  • Circuit breaker electrical tests
  • Power transformer diagnostic tests
  • Hot line tools test and evaluation
  • Surge suppression resistor failure analysis
  • Maintain knowledge of developments in scientific disciplines applicable to current and future testing applications, which may include extensive research of new testing methods and equipment; attending webinars, training and conferences of test related technology and methods; ongoing recommending potential test equipment acquisitions; developing test plans for the new equipment; and drafting technical communications and reports.
  • Collaborate with university scientists, research groups, and other members of the scientific community on scientific and technical matters, as requested.
  • Perform electrical tests on various types of equipment.  Examples of equipment tested include, but are not limited to: Disconnect Switches, Transformer Bushings, Circuit Breakers, Transmission Line Hardware, Insulators, CT, PT, CVT, Tools, Live Line Bucket Truck, Portable Protective Grounds and Power Transformers.
  • The following are some of the common tests and applied test voltage and current levels:
  • 60Hz and 400Hz
  • Indoor up to 1,100kV (wet and dry)
  • Portable up to 750kV
  • Lightning Impulse (wet and dry)
  • Indoor up to 2.0MV
  • Outdoor up to 5.06MV
  • Switching Impulse (wet and dry)
  • Chopped-wave Impulse
  • High Voltage DC, Indoor up to 1MV
  • RIV, Visual Corona, and Partial Discharge
  • RIV testing per NEMA 107 up to 1MV
  • Bridge-type or single-ended partial discharge measurement up to 1MV
  • Visual Corona test using night vision
  • Accuracy Measurements
  • Ratio Accuracy
  • Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer Ratio Accuracy Measurement
  • Diagnostic test on power transformers
  • Power Factor Diagnostic Testing (transformer insulation)
  • Swept Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)
  • Grid Resistance (substation grid resistance to remote earth testing)
  • GIS (gas insulated substation conditioning, using mobile 550kV, 60Hz supply)
  • 3-phase measurement of voltage and current transients up to 550kV system
  • Hi-pot up to 750kVAC, +/- 650kVDC
  • High current test up to 200kA RMS (10 cycles)
  • Participate in organizational process improvement efforts, providing input, recommendations
  • Provide emergency response for electrical engineering situations that may include collaboration with the Safety Office or other investigations as requested.
  • Maintain filing systems, files, emails, and records in accordance with compliance requirements. File and disperse documents only to appropriate personnel. Maintain all official records in accordance with the Information Governance & Lifecycle Management (IGLM) standards and procedures. Validate official records are accurately maintained for auditing purposes.
  • 4 years’ experience and knowledge of electrical engineering concepts, principals, and practices applicable to components and facilities found in solving power system testing.
  • Qualified Climber certificate
  • 3 years of practical experience in applying non-traditional power system technology in solving power system testing challenges
  • 3 years of experience using and creating LabView virtual instruments (VI’s).
  • Must have solid knowledge of engineering concepts, principles, and practices applicable to components and facilities found on a regional transmission system.
  • Must be able to analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve un-expected electrical test results on power equipment and/or components.
  • 2 years’ experience in high voltage laboratory testing is highly preferred
  • 1 year experience using and creating LabView virtual instruments (VI’s) is highly preferred.
  • 1-year practical experience in applying non-traditional power system technology in solving power system testing challenges.
  • Experience in solving complex technical problems.
  • Excellent safety record working around high voltage environment is highly preferred
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, sufficient to develop and deliver briefings, status/staff reports, and correspondence to managers to foster understanding and acceptance of findings and recommendations and to represent the organization in contacts with external and internal clients.
  • Valid U.S. Driver’s License is required.
  • Work sponsorship not available at this time. No third-party candidates considered for this position.

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